Let's take a look a dreaded topic: The Rainy Day aka The Black Swan.
It is a fact of life that we all face adversities of varying graveness at different points in our lives. Of course, some might be unlucky to face more than what they consider their fair share of calamities.
Well, life has never laid any claims to fairness.
To borrow from Animal Farm:

All animals are unlucky, but some animals are unluckier than others.

We learn from the parable of the 10 virgins (Matt. 25: 1-10) that the foolish virgins failed because they ran out of oil, not because they were not virgins. In fact, they were as qualified as the wise virgins if we set aside the difference in oil reserves.
Unwise sharing of the oil reserves would have condemned them to the same fate as the foolish virgins. That was the wrong time to be generous.

Before you save someone drowning, ensure you know how to swim. Good intentions alone lead to the worsening of bad situations.

From the parable of the two builders in Matt. 7: 24-27, it is unwise to wait till it starts raining to build a shelter. It is also dangerous to build a shelter that won't withstand the coming storm.

The only thing that saved Egypt from perishing during the famine was the food accumulated during times of plenty. They were the dominant empire of their time as well as the most advanced. But all that wouldn't have mattered without the stores of food.
I guess technology isn't of much use to a hungry stomach.

It is dangerous to wait till the battle starts to either buy weapons or train for battle.
Animals understand this principle; you see them gathering food before winter to help them survive the winter.
Like Solomon said in Prov. 6:6, observe the ants.

What doesn't kill you make you stronger. True, but you have to survive first.
How much resources you have largely determine your chances survival.

A central lesson of evolution theory is that only those that can adapt survive. Adaptability becomes difficult without the necessary resources. Failure to adapt is failure to survive.

Prov 24:10:
If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

If you don't accumulate enough resources during the days of plenty, you will faint in the days of adversity.

Job probably wouldn't have survived the calamities that befell him without the internal fortitude he had built before they hit.

Resources does not only refer to money, but whatever items or attributes you need to weather the rainy day.
For health issues, that would be adequate nutrition, physical fitness and a good immune system, and money (if required).
In the event of loss, it might be internal fortitude, the will to continue and a grateful disposition in grim situations.

In a funny twist of fate, some people's rainy day might be good fortunes which meet them unprepared.
There are many examples of people ruined by good fortune as there are of people destroyed by calamities.
There is always an (un)fortunate lottery winner to serve as a cautionary tale.

Remember, what doesn't kill you (may) make you stronger...but you have to survive first.

Take steps now to ensure your survival tomorrow.

Photo by Valentin Müller on Unsplash.