Dear Twitter activist,
It's Reality here to clue you in.
Yes, I know the euphoria from being part of the current "movement" is too strong to ignore. You're addicted to the rush, aren't you?
You're feeling powerful after the #DeleteUber activism, aren't you?
Your fellow activists don't know you're probably back to Uber, do they?
You couldn't resist the lure of convenience once the hashtag died down. Don't worry, I knew you would.
You might not admit it, but your addiction to likes, retweets, "friends" and followers is more important to you than any hashtag activism.
You sure love to read all the thirsty comments on your pictures, don't you? So what if they are unrealistic and untrue? You won't let an inconvenience like reality rob you of a good feeling, would you?
You've been deleting Facebook every few months for some years now, and it's that time of the year again.
Or, you might be one of those that do not plan on deleting Facebook but can't resist being part of the latest trend.

Let's look at the facts. You remember facts, don't you? You know, those things you throw out the window when you're in the mood for some Twitter activism.
You're mad they sold your data, aren't you? You must be muttering to yourself "how dare they?". Actually, if you must mutter something, you should be asking "how dare you?". You thought they were your friends you could tell your "secrets" to for free, didn't you?
How do you think a business you use for free makes money? People are willing to pay for all the "secrets" you spill everyday. Even you might have paid once or twice to find out what others are spilling.
They also told you what they do with your "secrets" in the terms and conditions, but you don't read those, do you? In fact, you've never read any in your life, have you?
How sure are you that you haven't signed your life over to some company by not reading terms?
Please spare people the false outrage.

Remember the Twitter cliche "retweets are not endorsements"? Well, retweets and likes don't lead to action.

Twitter has under 350 million monthly active users (given how they measure that, the number might be lower). That's around 10% of Facebook's monthly active users. So, if all active Twitter users deleted Facebook, it will amount to a drop in the bucket. Moreover, many will be back the next month.
How many do you think can resist the lure of likes and friend counts. Also, where will they get their daily dose of thirsty comments from?
People in developing countries don't care that much about first-world hashtag activism.

If you want to follow through on your hashtag, here's what you'll also need to do while deleting Facebook:
You'll have to delete WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and throw away your Occulus headsets. Do you know how insane it is that you post a picture of yourself deleting Facebook on Instagram? You forgot they are all owned by the same company, didn't you?
The thought of deleting Instagram is making you reconsider, isn't it? You're too far gone in your love for filters and other tools that make you look prettier than you are, aren't you?
How about your "influencer" career? Are you willing to give that up?
You can't bear to have only Twitter left, can you? They don't have filters for your pictures. They don't care too much about pictures of your food. They don't care about your half-baked inspirational quotes.

Are you ready to ditch WhatsApp and go back to paying for SMS? You've become too used to free messages, haven't you? But...but WhatsApp's co-founder only said to delete Facebook. He did, didn't he? He forgot about WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger etc.
You see, you might have had some success with #DeleteUber because Uber is just a ridesharing app. Facebook is not just a social media app.

Over 60% of social logins are with Facebook. Are you ready to go back to using your dog's birthday and your cat's middle name as passwords on various sites?

What other platforms will stroke your overblown ego?
What other platforms will feed your unrealistic sense of importance?
Where else will your vanity be encouraged and rewarded?
Where will you go to seek constant validation?
Where else are you going to get your daily supply of thirsty comments?
Where else can you paint a rosier picture of your life?
Where else can you spill your guts in real-time for likes?
Where else can you have your own personalised echo chamber?
Where else are you going to troll & famz to your heart's content?

It's easy to be an activist behind your screen.