What are your chances of being wealthy?

The percentage of the world's population that have a net worth of $1 million and above are .007%. That is 50 million people out of 7 billion.
This means that the chances of an individual being wealthy currently sits at 1 in 140 or 0.7%.

The problem is that each of those 140 persons think that the other 139 are the ones to lose the game of wealth, not them. 139 are wrong. They are all delusional, but only 1 person's delusion will pay out.

If your answer to the opening question is not in that range, you now know what it means to be delusional.

Only delusional people lose all they have in casinos. Only delusional people think they'll win big in lotteries.
Only delusional people try to invade Russia during winter while fighting other battles.
Only delusional people think sticking feathers on will enable them fly.
Only delusional people think copying a strategy is all that's needed to make it work.

Delusion is not a bad thing in itself. The world is built on delusions.
Only delusional people circumnavigate the world. Only delusional people go on voyages to unexplored lands.
Only delusional people invent phenomenal things. Only delusional people go to the moon. Only delusional people build world-changing companies.

Fortune favours the delusional.

It takes delusion to build (or think of building) a unicorn, and do so without years of experience and paper qualifications.
Without delusions it would be hard to build up the courage to brave the fears of the unknown.
Without delusions no one would attempt things deemed to be impossible.
The immunity provided by delusions are essential to enable people attempt great things.

As you have seen, delusions are neither good nor bad in themselves. Be sure to understand your delusions and make sure they work to your benefit.

Be delusional.